Why I’m excited about the E-100 Bible reading initiative

I have a lot of questions about the Bible.  How does it all come together and how has so much of what we believe been shaped by this book that was composed over many years and has lasted the tests of time? 

With the start of the Bible reading initiative, the opportunity to dialogue about many of these questions will be happening–in the home, in adult forum, over Wednesday evening meals.  But it doesn’t need to stop there.  If you’re like me, if there is something on your mind–like “What do you believe about God?  Who is he?” (and maybe the “he” stirs up something inside of you that you would love to argue about!)–then you will probably talk about it with your friends and co-workers too. 

I clearly see that the target of the E-100 series is to get people comfortable talking about the Bible stories and being more familiar with the Bible narrative, but it doesn’t just mean that it’s so you feel more confident or knowledgable at church.  This may happen, and that’s great, but I think about one of my friends who hasn’t been to church since he was a kid but is still curious about faith and spirituality.  Maybe he isn’t ready to come right into a church again, but if I said, “I was just talking about whether God exists–Stephen Hawking doesn’t think so–what do you think about that?”  This would definitely lead into an interesting conversation. 

If we have conversations about God and sin or the strained/broken family relationships that we’ll talk about with Jacob and Esau, this is something that may provoke thoughtful conversation and begin to create connections and curiosity. 

If you’re like me, relationships are built on trust and sharing what’s on your mind.  The E100 allows us to build relationships with each other, but remember, just because it’s scheduled at church on Sunday and Wednesday, the conversations and relationships are happening every day.  Blessings to you as you begin this exciting and challenging journey.  Enjoy the stories and questions.  Enjoy the conversation and opportunities to express what you’re learning.

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