Good food and better food

On Monday’s, the men’s crew that counts the offerings rotates who brings the cookies.
On Tuesday, one of the quilters always brings treats for their break.
On Wednesday, let’s just say Sue Brogger works her magic with the delicious evening meals.
On Thursday, it’s off to Perkins for the Men’s Bible Study breakfast.
On Friday, more treats from the team that puts together the bulletins.
On Saturday, if you’re here, there’s certainly food at a wedding reception, anniversary party, or whatever event happens to be going on.
On Sunday, you’ll find coffee, lemonade, and donut holes between services.

Do you notice a theme? You can, and likely will, be fed spiritually and literally when you walk onto church grounds.

When we get together, there is an element of hospitality that focuses on food with our fellowship whether it’s at Como Park Lutheran or within our own homes, the community, or serving at Our Savior’s shelter.

Do you come to church just for the coffee and donut holes? Do you come to Theology on Tap just for the beer? Do you show up on Wednesday nights just for Sue’s cooking? It’s what goes on between the bites that stick to your bones. That’s why, when the coffee’s gone, the conversations continue with a friend you haven’t seen all week. On Wednesday night’s, people are still visiting long after the dishes are put away.

Eating is something we do, every day. When we can incorporate food and dining with our fellowship, service projects, and worship, it is a natural fit.

There is one more meal that we have on the first and third Sunday’s of each month. It’s a meal we have at the end of every Como Evening Prayer service. It’s the Lord’s Supper. This meal won’t fill your grumbling stomach. But it will fill your grumbling spirit.

When you are having a tough week at work or have stress from a friend, a family member, or a bill you have to pay, remember the hospitality of this meal. Remember that you aren’t alone and have a companion to share this fellowship with—you are sharing this meal with Christ.

As we enter this holiday season, there will be plenty of treats to share as we come together with friends and families. But remember the fellowship and hospitality that goes with it. Be thankful for those who provide and those who share. Be willing to share of your own gifts through cooking or give a listening ear in a time of conversation. Remember the best food of all and be thankful for the sacrifice that Christ went through to prepare it.

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